342-366: Yodio

Snap a picture on your mobile (cell), make a call (to a US number!) and send the photo off, recording a narrative for it at the same time. Or if you’re in the UK, use the online Yodio interface to assemble your location tours – a virtual field trip creator perhaps?



118-366: ipadio

ipadio offers podcasting to the Web directly from a telephone.

And since then and having listened back to the ipadio podcast, it’s clear that the sound quality isn’t as good, but that could of course be due to the quality of the mic on the phone, the connectivity etc. I also didn’t spot the text-to-speech capability of ipadio i.e. it has a crack at turning your podcast into text … wonder how useful that might be for language teachers having their students try to speak as clearly as possible?

Here are a few more ideas: